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Advice for Job Seekers
Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/insideout/content/a...ture.shtml

What you should not do:
• Never give an employer your personal financial details until you actually start the job.
• Do not give out other personal details, such as your national insurance number and date of birth to an employer or recruitment agency until you have a legitimate job offer.
• Do not pay any fees upfront for help with job searches or training. Find out more about the employer or recruitment agency first to ensure that they are a genuine organisation.
• Never dial a premium rate number (prefixed 070 or 090) to find out more information about a job vacancy
• Don't agree to continue an interview over drinks or a meal, even if it seems to be going very well.
• Don't let the interviewer direct the conversation towards personal subjects that have nothing to do with the job.
And for home-working Consumer Direct has some top tips to help you protect yourself:
• Don’t pay any money upfront. Alarm bells should ring if they request administration fees, registration fees or money to cover materials.
• Don’t be fooled just because the advert appears in a reputable magazine or newspaper.
• Be wary if the request you ring a premium rate number in order to find out more details.
• Find out more about the company you decide to work for, a reputable company will not mind if you request details from them. Try choosing a company that is local and if possible visit the premises.
• Beware of hidden address, unscrupulous traders that have something to hide will use anonymous e-mail addresses or PO box address so it is impossible for you to trace them.

You can contact NGH (National Group on Homeworking) or Consumer Direct for advice.

Consumer Direct is available six days a week on 08454 04 05 06. Callers are connected to specially trained consumer advisers.

Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/insideout/content/a...ture.shtml

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